Flaviu Cacoveanu

bbbbbbs, 2023

yellow neon, metal frame, electrical wires, transformer
20 x 52 x 6 cm
edition: 1/3 + 2 AP

The neon work plays on the pronunciation of the letter “b” in English and of the monosyllabic word “bee”. In association with the color yellow, the sequence bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee becomes a pun which makes the work a witty encounter with bees in the exhibition space.

A completely different interpretation opens up in relation to Bruce Nauman’s neon work My Name as Though It Were Written on the Surface of the Moon (1968), featuring “bruce” written in cursive as a succession of repeated letters (“b” is repeated six times). The direct quotation suggests Flaviu Cacoveanu’s conceptual preoccupation with the relationship between image and language.

bbbbbbs exemplifies the artist’s approach to neon as a medium that allows him to explore the sculptural aspect of language and bring new meaning or understanding to letters and symbols, prompting us to be more aware of the sounds and the poetic parts of words.