i8 was founded in 1995, in Reykjavik, and represents an eclectic mix of Icelandic and international contemporary artists. As well as representing 23 artists, the gallery collaborates with a number of artists, all of whom have exhibited widely in museum and gallery contexts. i8 has a regular presence at international art fairs, such as Art Basel, Frieze and The Armory Show.

Reykjavik hosts a vibrant art scene, partly because it is the national capital and, therefore, the seat of the Iceland University of the Arts and the small population grants an easy access to attention for promising artists. As a relatively young nation, Iceland is not burdened with a legacy of thousands of years of visual culture, so heritage is being made every day.

i8 works actively with the art scene in Reykjavik, but is conservative in the sense that it does not take on artists straight out of art school, but rather works with artists already established in their careers.

Iceland, like Romania, sits geographically on the periphery of Europe, and has, therefore, to put extra attention and work into drawing international attention to its art scene and artists. The approach has always been not to define the gallery solely through its position and nationality, but rather through an aesthetic line, that has brought in artists from all over the world, as well as international attention.

i8 Gallery Artists