Accelerator in the media


Accelerator. Mentoring and Production for emerging artists programme is constantly present in the media, being reflected by channels relevant to its audience.


1. Programme launch – February, 2022

Agerpress, e-zeppelin, IQads, Igloo, RFI – emisiunea „Zebra”, RomâniaPozitivă


2. Open Call – March, 2022 

Artevezi, Curatorial, e-zeppelin, Finanț, Igloo, IQads, RomaniaPozitivă, Igloo,


3. Anouncinng the selected emerging artists – April, 2022

Clujul cultural, Curatorial, Igloo, IQads, Modernism,, Romaniapozitiva


4. Mentorship content and details, after its end –  July, 2022

ArteveziClujul cultural, Curatorial, Curatorial mentor Tevz Logar, Curatorial interview with Andrei Breahnă, e-zeppelin, Igloo, The Institute, IQads, IQads mentor Ioana Chira,, Observator cultural, Propagarta, RFI, Romaniapozitivă

5. Launch of Podcast Accelerator TODAY

Curatorial, platforma Empower Artists, Revista Igloo, IQads, The Institute, Revista Golan, RFI România – jurnal, RFI România – Emisiunea Zebra, Româniapozitivă,

6. Opening of Back to Where It All Began Exhibition

ArteVezi, Curatorial, Curatorial, IQads,, The Institute,,, Propagarta, RFi România, RFi România – jurnal, Romaniapozitivă, Revista Igloo.