Viewing Room

Artists: Andrei Arion, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Roberta Curcă, Lucia Ghegu, Mihaela Hudrea, Alina Ion, Maria Mandea, Delia A. Prodan, Stanca Soare, Ana Maria Szöllösi

Various strangers wake up one by one in a series of empty adjoining rooms. Each room contains elaborate traps and tasks that the occupants must resolve. There is no apparent connection between them, and each individual seems oblivious to their place in the given scheme. This describes the opening scene of the intriguing science fiction movie Cube (1997), but a version of it is being rendered at present at Gaep. The exhibition Back to Where It All Began is one of the three stages of Accelerator, a program that seeks to define a model for long-term cooperation with young artists. Spanning 2022 and 2023, it is attentive, among other things, to the need young artists have for full support in order to turn their ideas into reality. This support goes beyond “ad hoc” exhibition projects; it provides professional assistance and good production conditions, and it creates a context for the art produced and a dialogue around it.

Back to Where It All Began – Upper Floor

Back to Where It All Began – Basement