Accelerator – Supercharge your career

Learn, create, show, engage!

Through its three stages – mentoring, group exhibition and public art – Accelerator presents emerging artists with a game-changing opportunity, at a key career juncture.


In workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions, participants will gain insights from six mentors – Romanian and foreign – on topics such as: the functioning of different types of organizations in the contemporary art field, the collaboration between artists and galleries, and between artists and curators, budgeting, design and production of publications, artist statement development, digital presence, and thematic development of work for public spaces. The focus will be on tangible information that complements the knowledge provided by formal education in Romania. These insights will help artists improve their abilities in organizing, presenting, and communicating their own artistic practice.

The partnership with i8 enables transfer of know-how from art professionals with relevant international experience.


Participants will be given the resources required to produce new artworks. They will explore aspects related to the topic of community and will constantly collaborate with a curator along the production process. This process will happen in two instances: first, in the context of a group exhibition, that will take place in a gallery, and then through individual and collective public art projects.


In addition to access to expertise and resources for production, Accelerator offers emerging artists the opportunity to show their new works at Gaep gallery and in four public spaces, in Bucharest and three other cities.


The structure of the programme stimulates interaction among the participating artists, between them and the Romanian and foreign art professionals, as well as with art enthusiasts.

The artists will produce context-specific public art projects, carefully considering the concerns of the local communities.

They will engage in a dialogue with various groups, online and offline, around togetherness – the various ways in which we come, interact and act together.