The Mentorship Stage of ACCELERATOR Kicks-off Today

May 09, 2022

Today is a big day for the team of Accelerator. The 10 emerging artists selected in the programme are awaited for at Gaep gallery in Bucharest, where they will meet the ACCELERATOR mentors, recognised national and international contemporary art key people.

The first part of the mentorship is starting with 2 engaging weeks, full of knowledge, curiosity, idea sharing within the group of artists, as well as in a conversation among artists and mentors.

The agenda of the first week is shaped as follows:

  • May 9-10The Art Market and Financing Options workshop, held by Andrei Breahnă, cultural manager
  • May 11-12 The System of Contemporary Art, held by Þorlákur Einarsson, director of i8 gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland, our programme partner
  • May 13-14 The Relation Between Artist and Curator, held by de Tevž Logar, curator

Let’s remind ourselves who are the 10 emerging artists selected to take part in ACCELERATOR, who stood-out in our competitive Open Call:

Andrei Arion, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Roberta Curcă, Lucia Ghegu, Mihaela Hudrea, Alina Ion, Maria Mandea, Delia Prodan, Stanca Soare and Ana Maria Szöllösi.

We wish them lots of luck and we look forward to their work during the program.

Next week, they will be face to face with the following mentors: Ioana Chira – communicator (laboratory: PR, Communication in Art and Writing in the Context of Artistic Practice), Olöf Nordal – artist (laboratory: Art in the public space) and Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson – artist (laboratory: Artist Publications).

We will keep you posted with information about all the sessions. The mentoring section has several stages and will be rolled-out until the end of July.