The Podcast “Accelerator Today” Launches Today

December 16, 2022

Listen to episode 1Getting to know Accelerator, the ‘Engine’ Aiming to Boost the Careers of Romanian Emerging Artists


‘While selecting the artists, our objective was to identify not only valuable practices, or those I felt could benefit from Accelerator programme, but also to welcome a diversity of artistic practices, because this mentoring programme includes a wide range of activities. Therefore, we aimed to select artists with various interest areas, who use different artistic mediums, thus contributing both together, as well as separately to the project’s success.’ – Andrei Breahnă, Accelerator Project Manager

We kick off the podcast via a vivid dialogue between Andrei Breahnă, Accelerator project manager, and Ana-Ilinca Macri, Accelerator cultural mediator. This is an invitation to enter our world. How and, most of all, why Accelerator was brought to life – you will find out in our first episode. We will share our successes and plans for 2023. You will also learn more about Asociația Culturală Eastwards Prospectus and its programmes implemented for 7 years since it’s establishment.

The aim of Accelerator Today is to share inspiring talks about contemporary art and connect audiences with artists (those in the programme and guests as well), curators, cultural managers and project partners.

Accelerator Today promotes an open dialogue on a variety of topics – from art market, challenges and opportunities for emerging artists, entrepreneurship in art, curating, or public art.

‘The Romanian academic system has never been reformed and today it seems disconnected from reality. In Iceland we met the dean of the University of Fine Arts, and the Icelandic approach – similar to other western countries – is more interdisciplinary and not so much focused on medium. Artists are inspired to devise work strategies with a particular discourse and only then encouraged to experiment with multiple mediums in parallel.’ – adds Andrei Breahnă

Accelerator Today  podcast is produced under the umbrella of  Accelerator. Mentoring and Production for Emerging Artists  which is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014-2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme. The podcast is available on Accelerator website and on the streaming platforms spotify and anchor.