Accelerator expands with a new mentoring and production program for emerging artists in Câmpulung

October 23, 2023
  • Project Promoter: Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association
  • Project Partners: Câmpulung City Hall and Gaep Gallery, Romania
  • Total Project Value: 197,106.05 Romanian Lei
  • Non-Repayable Funding (90% – PNRR; 10% – Câmpulung City Hall): 177,106.05 Romanian Lei
  • Duration: 7 months
  • Implementation Location: Câmpulung, Romania

Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association continues its efforts to provide concrete support to emerging artists in Romania through a new program under the umbrella of Accelerator.

Following an open call that will be announced on Accelerator website, ten emerging artists will be selected to be part of the program.

The main stages of the project are:

I. Mentoring

The artist mentoring program will take place in Câmpulung, Argeș County, over a period of two weeks.

The association will also organize a cultural management course for professionals in the field.

II. Face-to-Face with the Artists: a digital content project that involves creating ten artist profiles that will contribute to bringing artists and the public closer.

III. Art in the Public Space: the ten artists will collectively create five contemporary artworks that will be exhibited in the public spaces of Câmpulung City for three months.


The project aims to become a platform for supporting emerging artists in researching various minority communities in Câmpulung, the local material and immaterial heritage, and the creation of artistic works intended for public spaces where contemporary art is integrated into the public’s life. This will be materialized through the artworks that will be exhibited in public spaces.

Accelerator Câmpulung is part of Accelerator, an extended mentoring and production program for emerging artists initiated by the Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association in 2022.

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The project is co-financed by the Municipality of Câmpulung. For more details, visit