Accelerator announces the opening of Mapping the City from the Outside, the exhibition that marks the ending of the mentorship program for emerging artists in Câmpulung.

May 30, 2024
  • The opening of the final exhibition of the mentorship and production program for emerging artists will take place on June 2 in Câmpulung. 
  • The main theme of the program’s final exhibition is how a space is transformed through artistic interpretation.
  • “Mapping the City from the Outside” is the name of the exhibition, which encourages the public to view the seemingly mundane places they pass by every day in a different light.
  • The project is funded under Investment I5, C11 from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – ‘PNRR: Funds for a modern and reformed Romania!’ and implemented by the Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association (ACEP) along with its institutional partner, the Municipality of Câmpulung.

The Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association announces the opening of the final exhibition of the Accelerator Câmpulung project.

The ten artists who will present their works in the “Mapping the City from the Outside” exhibition are Lena Ciobanu, Mihai Costache & Meri Stroe (duo artistic), Diana Drăghici,  Cinty Ionescu, Ioana Nicoară, Andreea Samoilă, Maria Elena Șofrac, Simona-Daniela Tudose and Ioana Țurcan.

The artists were selected by a jury from Romania from a portfolio of 51 applications received during the Open Call, which took place in February of this year. In the exhibition, they investigate the relationship with a new space and how it is transformed through artistic interpretation.

“The initiative, Mapping the City from the Outside, brings together a diverse group of eleven artists, each of whom has left a unique, artistic imprint on the cityscape of Câmpulung. This project provides a platform to observe and understand the transformative power of artistic interpretations.  (…)  Mapping the City from the Outside is much more than a collection of artistic works. It is a dynamic exploration of how art can reshape our understanding of a place and encourage us to build deeper connections with our surroundings.” – says Georgia Țidorescu, exhibition curator and coordinator of the Accelerator Câmpulung mentoring program.

From the beginning of the program, ACEP has supported ten emerging artists from Romania, selected through an open call, by providing:

  • Three workshops, which took place from March 11-15 in Câmpulung. Main topics: The contemporary art market and funding opportunities (Andrei Breahnă, cultural manager); The relationship between artist and curator (Georgia Țidorescu, independent curator); In-situ works and adaptation possibilities (Pavel Brăila, visual artist)
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with the four mentors: Andrei Breahnă, cultural manager, Georgia Țidorescu, independent curator, and Pavel Brăila, visual artist
  • Financial support for the production of new works to be exhibited in the “Mapping the City from the Outside” exhibition in Câmpulung from June 1-30

Among the locations where the art exhibitions in Câmpulung will take place are the Câmpulung City Hall, Merci Public Garden, Coloniale Café, Câmpulung Pedestrian Bridge, and Central Square. We invite you to follow the project’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated on the events and to find out the exact locations for each of the ten art exhibitions.