Alexandra Boaru

For Beginners Only, 2023

7 piese din piatră și păr artificial, dimensiuni variabile; text pe hârtie perforată, format A4

Indications on a preferable encounter
A more in-depth and poetical statement about the work can be found and taken from the 100 pages block of perforated paper. But it depends on you if you want to rip it fast with a continuous note. Or slow to hear every crack of the perforated spine. Or lean towards it to just read it and leave. You have to come quite close to these artefacts of hair and stone as they have to be looked at from knee height. As the soft circulation of your breath might make the individual hair strands move, your legs could get cramped from standing in this challenging position, encountering one of the seven artefacts. A slow shake of the body is indicated when standing up and moving to the next element of the installation.”