Adrian Cojocaru

And it’s really not her fault, 2023

ulei pe pânză de in
132 x 198 cm

And it’s really not her fault is the catalyst for Adrian Cojocaru’s new body of work, unveiling his interest in the hidden narratives of restaurant kitchens. The simple observation of artisans crafting gelato evolved into a fascination with the craftsmanship and choreography present in culinary spaces. The painting generated an in-depth study of those behind-the-scenes moments in which the grace of gestures and the intimate connection between individuals and their aptitudes take center stage.

Embracing an artistic practice that intertwines with the rhythm of contemporary life, Adrian mirrors the organic flow of his subjects. Walking through the city is not merely a physical act but an integral part of his artistic journey, as it allows him to uncover stories woven into the fabric of everyday life. He selects the subjects of his paintings from a rich personal photo archive acquired through the act of walking, that he connects with art history and pop culture references. His expansive canvases invite us to contemplate the repetitive nature of work and the subtleties of professions often overlooked in our daily existence.

Adrian’s interest in restaurant kitchens was sparked by the realization that within every dining experience there’s an absorption beyond the mere consumption of a dish—a delicate assimilation of the moods, motions, and experiences of the people who made it. The connection between the diner and the artisan, as observed in the careful preparation of each meal, evokes a certain symbiosis. The artist is captivated by this interplay, as he sees a similarity between the culinary craftsmanship and his own commitment to art.