Project Promoter: Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association
Project Partners: Brașov Art Museum and Gaep Gallery, Romania
Total Project Value: 149,500 Romanian Lei
Non-Repayable Funding (100% of the Municipality of Brașov’s budget): 149,500 Romanian Lei
Duration: 3 months
Implementation: Brașov, Romania

About Accelerator Brașov

Accelerator Brașov selects 10 talented emerging artists and connects them with Romanian art professionals for 3 months. During this time, the artists participate in thematic workshops aimed at providing them with additional knowledge beyond what they have acquired in school. They also receive individual mentoring sessions and support in creating and producing new works for an exhibition at the Brașov Art Museum.

Accelerator Brașov stands out through a series of distinct elements:


Accelerator Brașov is a new project under the Accelerator umbrella, a comprehensive mentorship program structured as an incubator that promotes a strategic and integrated approach to an artistic career. It was initiated in 2022 by the Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association. Over the course of 3 months, artists will have the time, context, and resources needed to strengthen their acquired knowledge, produce and exhibit new works, and engage with the general public.

Partnership with a National Museum

The Accelerator project operates in partnership with the Brașov Art Museum, whose team has taken on the mission of changing the erroneous public perception of museums as passive spaces and mere heritage archives. The Brașov Art Museum fosters connections between art, the public, and artists, serving as a dynamic space for exploration, active learning, and experimentation with heritage and contemporary creation. Within Accelerator Brașov, the Museum provides the space and context in which emerging artists can create and exhibit their works in a group exhibition that will be open to the public for two months at the end of the mentorship phase.

Networking and Sharing

Accelerator Brașov facilitates networking and sharing within the artistic community created around the program, which includes the core group of selected emerging artists, Romanian professionals, and art enthusiasts interested in contemporary art.

Accelerator Brașov is a project funded by the Brașov Municipality’s budget and implemented by the Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association. Project partners include the Brașov Art Museum and Gaep Gallery, based in Bucharest. The allocated budget for the project is 149,500 Romanian Lei for its entire duration.