Accelerator Brașov: mentorship and production programme for emerging artists


Learn, Create, Show, Engage!


Initiated by the Eastwards Prospectus Cultural Association (ACEP) and the Brașov Art Museum, Accelerator Brașov supports emerging artists in Romania through thematic workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions, financial support for the production of new works, and the opportunity to exhibit in a national art museum.

Accelerator Brașov is a new project under the Accelerator umbrella, an extended mentorship and production program for emerging artists initiated by ACEP in 2022 and spanning over two years.

Building upon the core principles of Accelerator – Learn, Create, Show, Engage! – ACEP aims to continue concretely supporting the needs of emerging artists in Romania through the new project, Accelerator Brașov.

Through the two stages – mentorship and group exhibition – Accelerator Brașov engages emerging artists in an experience that allows them to better understand the contemporary art system and market, create new opportunities for exhibiting, connect with other artists, curators, and the general public, and thereby lay the groundwork for a significant change in their artistic careers.


Participants learn from Romanian mentors through four thematic workshops and individual mentorship sessions. They gain insights into topics such as the artist-gallery relationship, the functioning of various types of contemporary art organizations, creating an artist publication, and communicating their artistic practice. In this way, they receive tangible complementary information that formal education in Romania may not provide, helping them enhance their organizational, presentation, and communication skills for their own artistic practice.


Emerging artists in the program will receive access to the necessary resources to produce new works. Artists will collaborate closely with a curator throughout the creative process. Artistic creation will manifest through individual works intended for a group exhibition.


In addition to access to expertise and resources, Accelerator Brașov provides emerging artists with the opportunity to exhibit their new works at the Brașov Art Museum.


The program’s structure facilitates interaction within the core group of emerging artists, between them and Romanian professionals, as well as with the general public through the group exhibition and interviews conducted as part of the editorial project “Meet the Artists,” which will be published on the website.