The goal of the project is to develop the cultural context in Romania on the level of art in the public space which is underdeveloped in comparison with its potential. By public space, we mean any way in which the general public can access works of art in a more or less daily routine. We aim for the public space to be culturally represented not only by the familiar sculptures in parks, but also by sound installations, on-site interventions and othera artworks.

We believe that the contemporary art scene has developed a lot in the last 30 years through new open spaces targeting young artists and collaborations between them, commercial galleries encouraging art market, artist-run spaces showing initiative and desire to develop art audiences, however, we do not see a visible or tangible development for art performed in public space. We know there are independent initiatives by artists who want to build their practice in public space projects, but do not have a welcoming context or understanding from institutions or audiences.

Learn, create, show, engage!

Through this project we want to increase the awareness and openness of the general public towards contemporary art, bringing it into a context already familiar to them. Through the mentorships we prepare, we aim for the selected artists, who want to develop their practice by creating projects in the public space, to learn about topics such as contemporary art system, working with a curator and how to communicate and value their work through various channels that reach the general public. Through this project, we also support the production of new artworks by emerging artists, a core element of this project being related to opportunities for young artists to fund themselves and observing their needs.
Following the path of other countries and capitals, we see that art in the public space is very present. A nearby example is artist Vladislav Iliev from Sofia, Bulgaria, who often composes kinetic, VR or sound installation projects which he presents and adapts in the local public space. We firmly believe that art should not be presented only in closed groups, but it is essential for it to accesible to the general public.