Founded over 7 ago, Asociația Culturală Eastwards Prospectus (ACEP) promotes contemporary art at national and international level by the means of implementing cultural and educational programmes. Through the Accelerator series of projects, ACEP supports emerging artists in the development of their career path by offering them learning opportunities inspired from international approaches and practices. In addition, ACEP aims to deepen its efforts of training and developing new audiences by the means of activities organised in Bucharest and country-wide, both online and offline. By taking part, the public starts to get familiarised and connect to contemporary art.

Briefly, ACEP ran 3 editions of Accelerator. Mentoring and Production for Emerging Artists Programme with funding from various public sources, while the current Accelerator project being the 4th.

ACEP received financing for the production of artworks; organised over 35 online and offline shows; supported an artistic intervention in public space of artist Tania Mouraud, held simultaneously in 9 cities; supported the participation of artists in national and international art fairs and developed projects for children and for the employees in corporations interested in contemporary art. Thus, with the help of ACEP projects, art contributes to individual and collective progress – fulfilling its well-known role from older ages – to foster the evolution of society.