Andrei Arion

What Is Vertical Development, 2023

170 x 6 x 3 cm

“The three sculptures present in the exhibition are the result of a basic and increasingly difficult need to accommodate, which is space. Our planet’s population is ever growing and the need to house everybody and their belongings leads to overcrowded cities that can’t keep up with their own numbers. In regards to this problem, my works can be disassembled, which saves storage and transportation space. On top of that, they are made in such a way that you can use the components of one sculpture in another. The fact that they are made out of aluminum also means they are on the lighter side. All these factors combined are small steps towards a more sustainable art practice.

My favorite part about this type of work is the assembly itself and the fact that you can always change components and give new meaning to an old work, you can update it, if you will. I believe that a work of art should be able to adapt functionally and contextually as many times as it needs to, because things are always moving around us. If works of art can’t ’move’ like the rest of us, they will just be left behind.”