Ana Maria Szöllösi

The Stamps, 2023

oil and graphite on canvas
5 panels, 150 x 50 cm each

Ana Maria Szöllösi’s work deals with the formation and fragmentation of memory, seen by the artist as a way of questioning her own psychology.

The Stamps consists of five vertical paintings that, when juxtaposed, evoke the representation of a familiar space. They act as an analogy to the process of introspection and to the need we might feel to distance ourselves from an experience in order to fully understand it. This time, a puzzle of recollections has been called forth, which translates into the fact that the individual elements are partially ambiguous, but still intelligible, while the work as a whole offers a more comprehensive understanding.

A common thread running through Ana Maria Szöllösi’s paintings is the depiction of an empty, abstract space, that is transitional and nostalgic. This type of space allows her to ”observe our environment within its limitations”.