Roberta Curcă

Notes, 2022-2023

Notes, 2022-2023
pencil on handmade cotton paper
77 x 56.5 cm
(84.5 x 64.5 x 4 cm framed)

An ongoing series that uses marks, notes, scribbles, and personalized stencils to develop a language for documentation, Samples of Time and Space contains observations that range from landscape drawings to texts and data about the time of the year, season, and temperature.

In these works, data about the autumn-winter season is gathered in an attempt to capture the collective anxiety surrounding another year with extreme fluctuations in temperature and the artist’s personal anxiety related to the relentless passing of time, most prominent at the beginning of the year.

The works are grouped into categories such as stencils, samples, and notes. Indispensable elements in the Roberta Curcă’s arsenal, the stencils are presented as a form of process art; they are aesthetic tools shown as art objects.

The smaller drawing in the exhibition, titled Sample, builds upon the visuality of samples and sample books as it explores the abstract and figurative dimensions of both imaginary and real landscapes. The drawing is made on handmade paper, 100% cotton, a unique and almost precious material that contradicts the usual expectations we have of a sample book or palette.

The larger drawing is built around notes about landscapes encountered on Dâmbovița river, before it reaches Bucharest. Titled Notes, it expresses the anticipation of a snowy season that never comes, while defeatedly admitting that the environment seems to be falling apart.

Pivoting between personal and public, particular and universal, the works propose ways of documenting reality that draw on memory, randomness, and discharge of tension, while also showing a purposeful and systematic process that aims to reconcile the chaotic with the orderly.