Lucia Ghegu

Cage Structure O1, 2023

aluminum, automotive paint
55 x 40 cm

Cage Structures is a body of work that extends from the two-dimensionality of geometric drawings to the three-dimensionality of a sculptural object made in aluminum.

At first glance, the drawings bring to mind technical representations of a series of six similar structures. Despite their formal precision, the imagined structures maintain a mysterious purpose. Lucia Ghegu incorporates in their makeup various architectural, industrial, and erotic references, which are open to interpretation.

Embracing contradictions, the structures are animated by an inner tension between opposite elements: structured/inexact, symmetrical/imbalanced, centrifugal/centripetal, logical/implausible. The result is a sensation of ambiguity and playfulness that crosses the mediums, from drawings to object.

With Cage Structures, the artist articulates a study on the way our attitudes and actions are determined spontaneously, intuitively or subconsciously by self-developed “mental architectures” and a sensual imaginary.