Artist: Alina Ion

Treads of Solitude

“Treads of Solitude” contains some “instructions” or directions clues (left, right) and co-exists both in the offline public space, as well as in online.

The parameters for the soundtrack follow a short journey.  The spectator’s trip, which starts from the spectator’s house and ends at the intercity bus station, is full of overlapping sounds, noises and views, creating a state of confusion where reality and fiction melt into one.

The project can be understood as an attempt to make us reconsider a particular time and space in our personal history and reveal moments in our everyday life.

Alina Ion: “The artwork Treads of Solitude derives from a recurrent road that is very familiar to us – a path that connects our home – or what we consider to be our home – and the rail station, or the bus station – a starting point to other destinations. Derived from the question: Is there any feeling of belonging to a community in a state of solitude?, the audio aims to be a travel companion on a shorter term, which provides each traveler with general directions, while at the same time, allowing him/her to devise his/her own path.”

The artwork is not created for a certain specific location, nor is it linked to any particular event. It is rather open for a limitless time: once stickers are in place, they will stay on, until they are dismantled or torn.

Installation Views