Bucharest, June 25, 12.00 PM, online
Artist: Maria Mandea

The Library for Public Games. An Institute of Play project

This on-site activation proposed by Maria Mandea is aligned with her previous online intervention, that took place at the end of June 2023 and that started the public art stage of Accelerator, marking the launch of “The Library of Public Games”. Hosted by Institutului Jocului website, “The Library of Public Games” is a collection of games, covering rules and installation instructions which can later be used, drawn and played in the public space by anyone who is interested.

The artwork consists in a designated physical space available for the public where the artist invites audiences to experiment and even create new games. Through game, public space becomes play space, living space, poetic space, active space.

The intervention will be temporary, for just 6 months, but it can be repeated by the public in the same space or in other public spaces by following the instructions for activating the games. Instructions are available in the Library for Public Games on the Institutului Jocului website.

The library is open and accessible to anyone, so it will also be used as a pedagogical tool to engage people in creating and understanding games in public space.

Installation Views