Bucharest, August 17
Artists: Delia A. Prodan & Andrei Arion

Lose A Step

A series of two metal and terrazzo graters, placed in an area surrounded by urban repairs, the project Lose a Step is an invitation to introspection. Within the boundaries of an accelerated rhythm of life and an acute need of movement, repairs are often viewed as obstacles and nurture high levels of discomfort. However, just as the urban space needs time to be rebuilt and function, so do we, as individuals, need moments to take care of ourselves and to break the rhythm of our searches. Our thought objects, seemingly mundane, wish to activate the places where craters and mud persist, being simultaneously a practical, palpable instrument for cleaning one’s shoes. They propose either an interaction with a familiar, but uncanny object or can be simply overlooked. To lose one’s step could be both a ritualic and meditative act, despite the initial frustration of the space.

Installation Views